Movies in Review: “Finding Dory”

Finding_DoryWell it’s about damn time! Right!? How dare Pixar have us wait 13yrs for this sequel to come out…shame shame shame. However, I honestly wasn’t expecting a sequel when the original ended…lol…but still! You know I was ecstatic when I watch the trailer for Finding Dory…Omg! I could not wait! My son was already on bored to also see this one, but of course I had to make sure he watched the first movie just to get him caught up. I think we watched Finding Nemo 6 times before the sequel came out. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite animated movies to date, and I had little doubt Finding Dory would fall right in line.


O.M.G….Yes! Can I say I loved this movie, adored this movie…Yes! Everything I loved about Finding Nemo was only elevated in Finding Dory. Another great fish adventure filled with beautiful animation and characters. I found it hilarious that the story for Finding Dory is 1yr later in the movie…smh…13yrs! Anyway, I loved how characters from the first film made appearances in this film. I loved the introduction of new characters even more. Some of my favorite new characters were the octopus, sea turtles, whale shark, and beluga shark. They were voice so wonderfully, especially the octopus, voiced by Ed O’Neill, and the black sea lion, voiced by Idris Elba. 


The writing for this sequel was excellent and fit right in line with its predecessor. The adventure was just as much fun and had great visuals and movement to keep all parties entertained. I was more than pleased with this, and I know you will be too…A+


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