Movies in Review: “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”

Mike_and_Dave_Need_Wedding_DatesOk so I’m not the biggest fan of Zac Efron. Not that I wish this on his career, but his days are definitely numbered in the movie business. I mean you seriously can’t get far on just looks alone, which can fade rapidly, without any strong acting abilities. But I guess that doesn’t really matter much now since Mr. Efron is still very pleasing on the eyes, making a little easier to overlook his performance on camera ~shrugs. If the movie had only featured Efron, I honestly think I would have passed, but thank goodness it didn’t. I thought the trailer was funny, mainly because Adam DeVine is a ham, with great comedic delivery. I didn’t have high expectations, but I did expect to laugh as much as I did at the trailer.


Ok so I laughed…I’m not talking about “Ha Ha” laughs, but tears rolling down your face laughs. Yeah this mess was really kind of funny, and it had a lot to do with Devine. Everything he did was pure comedy. From facial expressions, body language, it was all on point. Everyone else kind of just fell in line with him, or he made them funnier. I must admit Efron wasn’t annoying to me, but he still played the same character he plays in most of his movies “the hot guy”, which suits him. I’m usually a fan of Anna Kendrick, but she seemed a bit out of place in this movie…eh. I loved the couple Jeanie (Mike & Dave’s sister) and Eric, their dynamic was a different type of hilarious that only made the movie better, as far as humor is concerned. 


The movie wasn’t exceptional, but I did laugh hard, which is what I really wanted to do. Some of the actors were a little too over the top, or seemed out of place, but they didn’t have a chance to ruin the movie because there are some great comedic performances to balance it out…B-


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