Movies in Review: “Jason Bourne”

Jason_Bourne_(film)This film was being marketed with the tag “You Know His Name”…Oh yeah…I know his name…JASON BOURNE!!! I was more than excited when I saw the trailer for this film. I got goosebumps, and chills ran up my spine…smh. If you can’t tell, I kind of got a thing for Bourne…lol. As excited as I was to see Matt Damon back in his rightful place as the lead of these Bourne films, I was like Damn! Bourne is looking old as ish! I’m just saying. You know you were thinking the same thing…lol. However that still wasn’t going to keep me from seeing this movie. The release date honestly couldn’t come fast enough…


Ok soooooo…I was definitely a little lost at the beginning. What I enjoyed about the first 3 Bourne movies was reoccurring casts from the previous film. The only person that was the same from all the other movies was Julia Stiles. Everyone else was knew…unless I totally forgot the last movie, but I recognized no one in this movie. That threw me for a bit and had me totally confused as to why this movie was made. It took a while for the story to make its mark. We spent the first 20 or so minutes watching Bourne fight, and getting introduced to the new cast. Once the story go going, I didn’t really find it as strong as the first 3 movies…meh. However, the action scenes were way on point. I’m usually in awe of the car chase scenes, but this one had my jaw on the floor. I was like O.M.G…That was amazing! As old as Bourne looked, he still can kick some butt. Matt Damon didn’t miss a step. Action sequences were on fire in this film. Although I was confused with the new cast, I did enjoy their performances, especially Alicia Vikander. I wish they would have introduced her earlier in the Bourne films, she was one of my favorite characters.


Not at all my favorite Bourne movie because the other films had the total package, great story and action, this only had 1 out of 2… ~shrugs. However the action is enough to appeal to your senses and have you feel like it was worth your time. As much as I love Jason Bourne, I think they should retire him. However I still feel like there is a missing piece with him that hasn’t been resolve. Or I’m just feeling like I didn’t get the closure I needed for this series…lol. I’m praying we get one last sequel…B+


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