Movies in Review: “Kubo and the Two Strings”


I loved the trailer for this movie. I thought it was visually beautiful, and the characters very entertaining. I’m surprised at how poorly it did at the box office though…smh. Stop-motion animation are usually hard sells. I’m definitely not the biggest fan, but there was something about this film that had me very interested. It was the movie I was looking forward most to seeing. Of course I had my little man by my side, and we made a date of it.


It took a minute for this movie to really get going. It definitely started a bit slow, but eventually got into a nice groove. I loved the visual effects. I found them to be magically adoring and fun. The characters were entertaining, especially the banter between Monkey, Beetle, and Kubo. However the story, and visually, the movie was very dark. My 3 year old had an emotional time watching this one because there are a number of “sad” moments, and dark monsters. My kid was crying or shuddering and covering his eyes throughout most of the film…smh. Halfway through the movie, I had to hold him. I was really surprised at how dark the story was. Although I enjoyed the story, unfortunately I don’t think it registered well for younger audiences at all. 


Kubo was a visual delight, in my opinion, but failed to register to younger audiences. I enjoyed everything about it, although it was a little too dark to take my 3 year old too. This movie is receiving critical acclaim from critics, and I’m a little surprised. It was a good movie, but my mark for it is a bit lower…B+


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