Movies in Review: “When the Bough Breaks”

when_the_bough_breaks_2016_filmI’m really starting to get disappointed with Morris Chestnut and his movie role choices. He is really starting to be type cast. Starring in the same role in all his movies. The trailer for this movie felt so reminiscent of The Perfect Guy, which a complete fail. The only reason I decided to give this one a chance was because of Regina Hall, who I adore as an actress. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this film. If anything at least I knew I would get a great performance from Hall, and possible get the chance to see Chestnut shirtless, which is close to a win win…lol


First off let me say I enjoyed the performances. Hall was great, Chestnut was average and the newcomer Sinclair was pretty good as well. However this movie was nothing groundbreaking. But what really killed this film was the story and directing. There were a few irrelevant plot lines that only took away from the story. Romany Malco’s character seemed irrelevant, as well as the surrogate’s boyfriend. The build-up in this movie took forever and climaxed quickly at the end, but also let the audience baffled and unsatisfied. This movie was a little unfocused and dragged on longer than what was really necessary. It was getting so bad towards the end, it felt like no one really knew how to end it. Which is why the movie felt so incomplete.


There is really nothing great to see here. At least nothing you need to run to theaters to see…unfortunately. This story has been done before, but done better. Its unfortunate these performances were wasted on such a lack luster film…oh well…C-


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