Movies in Review: “Deepwater Horizon”

deepwater_horizon_filmAs much as I enjoy any movie Mark Wahlberg is in, I honestly wasn’t that hype about this movie. That’s not to say I had no plans of seeing it, but if I missed it, I don’t think I would have been trying to catch it on another weekend. I honestly think it was Kate Hudson who turned off the appeal of this movie for me. I don’t have the most confidence in Hudson’s acting abilities, and anything I’ve seen her in has only been “ok” at best. She has a way of bringing down the value of a film in my opinion, and her presence in the trailer brought down my desire to see it. If it wasn’t for the exceptional buzz around this movie, I think I honestly would have let it pass…ijs.

Kate Hudson still brought down the value of this film for me, but her scenes were so few, the value wasn’t brought down enough to really count. This movie was way better than I expected. I enjoyed the way it was filmed, with some scenes being filmed in continuous motion. There was good movement throughout, never a dull moment. The cast was great and worked well together. I loved John Malkovich and that southern accent he was giving me. Malkovich can do no wrong in my eyes, always an exceptional actor. Wahlberg was receiving exceptional praises for this role, which were well deserved. But it fell in line with most of his other performances in my opinion. My favorite part about this movie was the build-up, climax, and ending…so I guess you can say, the whole movie. The action scenes were phenomenal, and had my heart racing. I was jumping in my seat, and to think this was a true story…Wow!

This film didn’t have the best trailer, and if you saw Kate Hudson you probably lost as much interest as I did. Please don’t let what the trailer was lacking deter you, because this is a good movie. The best movie I watched this weekend, and have seen in a while…A+


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