Movies in Review: “Masterminds”

masterminds_2016_filmI had a ton of movie choices to see this weekend, and for some reason I chose this one…why? Something told me to pass on this one, especially since reviews for this film were less than positive. But I was in the mood to laugh, and I can usually count on more than a few chuckles from this cast in other separate movies. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this one. I knew it would be filled with nonsense, but I was hoping it would still win me over with the humor. Unfortunately it didn’t…

I have seen some not-so-great movies, but this one made me wish I could get back the 2hrs I wasted to see this film…smh. Why was this movie not funny? When I say not funny, I mean I didn’t laugh or even chuckle once. It was just plain stupid. I think the most this movie got out of me was a smirk, and a few Zzzzzzz’s because I was bored to death…yawn. This movie was straight nonsense, unfunny nonsense, the worst kind…smh. I am sitting here trying to remember something I enjoyed, but thinking about the time I wasted seeing it is only causing my stomach to hurt…ijs.

This movie had the cast that should have made it a comedic hit, but unfortunately none of the elements worked well for this film. I think maybe I should have been high while watching, but I’m not sure if that would have even helped…D-


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