Movies in Review: “The Magnificent Seven”

magnificent_seven_2016I know I’m a week late and a dollar short with this review, but a girl needs to get away ~shrugs. Vacation or no vacation though, this was a top priority for me to see when I returned. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a movie Denzel Washington starred in, and I wasn’t about too now. Besides Washington though, the entire cast had me anticipating this film that was also directed by Antoine Fuqua, whose work I also respect. I am usually not the biggest fan of remakes, but I have never seen the original, so in my eyes this remake would be an “original” for me.


Am I the only one who thought this movie started out a little corny? The church scene at the beginning was definitely had a little bit of corn in it. I don’t think it had much to do with what was going on, but some of the character performances were lacking a bit. The actor playing Bogue, definitely saved this scene. The movie moves along nicely after this point, although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the actress who played Emma Cullen. She kind of brought every scene she was in down. I’m just happy she wasn’t in too many scenes.


The characters playing The Magnificent Seven a very much enjoyed. Of course my favorite was Chris Pratt, who is always great comic relief, and Vincent D’Onofrio who was a strong element of surprise and weird humor. I thought the cast worked well together, and made for an entertaining movie. The action scenes were fun to watched and directed well. 


I wasn’t disappointed in the time I set out for this 2+ hour film. It was well worth my time. The cast was great, and had well executed action scenes that stole the show. I don’t know how this compares to the original, all I know is I enjoyed this version very much…B+


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