Movies in Review: “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”

jack_reacher_never_go_back_posterI am always rooting for Tom Cruise (secretly…lol). I have always enjoyed him in action thrillers, and other roles as well, but action thrillers are my favorite genre for him. Age aside, this man can still get on the screen and kick butt. So I was looking forward to this sequel of Jack Reacher. I didn’t have heavy anticipation, but I knew I would be seeing it. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the first one, and felt like this was the start of another decent franchise for Cruise.


Ok so the movie started out real cliché and corny in my opinion. The sequences that were happening in the beginning did nothing for the story and was leaving me bored. The action sequences for this movie, of course were great, but did nothing for the story that took away much of the film’s life. There was nothing really out of the box for this movie, and it felt like it was following a very dull action-thriller handbook. I was left feeling less than impressed, so much so, I found myself falling asleep a few times. I could not wait until this movie ended, unfortunately it seemed to go on forever…smh.


All in all, I think the story lacked a little focus and was weak in so many areas and was a little cliché. The action was cool, but isn’t enough to give this movie the boosts it needed. This sequel did nothing to outshine or even compare to the first one. I think I would be ok with them giving it another try with Jack Reacher 3, but I’m also ok with Reacher retiring…C+


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