Movies in Review: “Trolls”

trolls_film_logoTrolls!!! Wait…I really can’t understand why I was so excited to see this movie since the troll toys always use to freak me out when I was younger. I kind of hated them, if I can be completely honest…smh. I guess I found them to be more adorable in an animated state though, because I could not wait to take my little man to see this one. I am such a kid at heart. I know my half the reason I wanted to see this movie so bad was because of all the bright colors…and of course the singing. I was happy that my kid wanted to see it as much as I did, I enjoy having him as a partner on my animated movie adventures! 🙂


My son knows nothing about the trolls, except what was seen in this movie. I’m happy to say this movie left a great impression on him, and he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too. The animation was so beautiful, bright and full of color, it would be hard for any little one not to get drawn in. It was very visually appealing. The singing was off the chain, as to be expected, but I did feel like all of the singing sometimes got in the way of the story, and made it drag a bit…not too bad though. Anna Kendrick was perfectly cast as Poppy, and kept me laughing throughout. I also loved Zooey Deschanel who did her thing as the Bergen named Bridget, she was adorable. Timberlake didn’t really do much for me until he finally started singing, only then did I actually enjoy his character, but that’s not to say he was bad ~shrugs.


Trolls is such an adorable and fun movie. The soundtrack animation for the film will keep all thoroughly entertained. My kid left the theater saying “That was a good movie…right Mommy?” and I replied “It sure was boo”…B+


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