Movies in Review: “Arrival”

arrival_movie_posterSooooo…about this movie….I honestly had very little interest in seeing this film. There was nothing about the trailer that moved or intrigued me. I found this strange since I am a huge fan of Amy Adams and her work. I think the only reason I went to see it was because critics were giving it such high marks and praising Adams performances. So I thought maybe I was missing something that the trailer wasn’t revealing and took my chances to see this one.


You ever see a trailer expecting one thing, but then see the movie and it’s nothing like what you expected. Yeah this is how Arrival was for me. I admit, I’m not the biggest sci-fi movie fan, but I don’t dislike the genre as much as I hate horror. However this film was different. You think it’s a sci-fi film, which it is, but it’s like one of those sophisticated sci-fi movies like Interstellar, but a little on the dull side for my tastes. I think I was expecting something so completely different that I was unable to have the best experience from this movie. I wasn’t expecting it to be so slow, and I found myself snoozing a few times. I thought Amy Adams was great, but I’ve seen better performances from her. This role didn’t feel like anything special. By the time the movie ended I was feeling like I went through all of that just for this???? I can appreciate a good sci-fi pic, but this one missed me, and I left the theater trying to figure out if I even liked it ~shrugs.


The most I can say about this movie is that it’s not what you are expecting. I love a though provoking sci-fi flick, but it’s hard to provoke thought after being bored to death…ijs. It wasn’t a horrible film, but just not my cup of tea…B-


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