Movies in Review: “Allied”

allied_filmSo I was thinking I would have had more interest in seeing this film, especially since it starred one of my favorite pieces of eye candy Brad Pitt. However I watched the trailer and was like…”eh…ok”. Don’t get me wrong, the trailer wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough to have me anticipating its release. So I went into the theater hoping my feelings about the trailer were wrong and that I would walk out of the theater pleasantly surprised…

I wasn’t wrong, I was right. The movie was just ok. I think I was expecting more thriller, but this movie was instead all romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love romantic films, but this movie was being advertised as more of a thriller, and the thrills were few. Marion Cotillard’s performance blew me away, and Brad Pitt just looked awkward at times, especially in the romantic scenes. His performance didn’t really get good to me until the middle to the end of the movie, that’s when he seemed more comfortable with his character. This movie disappointed in the action scenes, the few there were. This movie lacked in power, and felt too fluffy.

I didn’t hate this movie, but I wish it had more. There was very little that connected me to this film. I was waiting for the buildup, but it was mild and unnoticeable. There was far too much romance, and it could have used more thrills…C+


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