Movies in Review: “Office Christmas Party”

office_christmas_partyThis was the movie I was most looking forward to seeing this weekend. The trailer for this film had me in stitches. I loved the cast, I was just hoping that there was more humor to the film than what was shown in the trailer. I tried not to get too excited about this one because I didn’t want to be too disappointed, but there is no way in the world this movie wasn’t going to be funny right!?


This movie was funny as hell. It was filled with some of the most entertaining characters I’ve seen in a comedy in a while. Everyone played their part well, even Jennifer Aniston, who would have been my only reason to not see this movie. Surprisingly, she wasn’t that bad. My favorite characters were of course TJ Miller. This man knows how to be funny without trying to be funny. I love him for that. I think I laugh every time he opens his mouth…lol. Jason Bateman was also a fave of mine. I love his sarcastic quirky sense of humor. It always works for me. Kate McKinnon (the lady from Saturday Night Live) kind of annoyed me, but she always does. It always feels like she’s trying too hard. My only other complaint was that the party scene was a little excessive and this movie could have been shortened by 25min. I think the funniest parts happened before the party really got started, but there is still enough laughter to hold you throughout the film.


I was a little worried that this movie wouldn’t be able to deliver, but I am happy to say it did. This film is filmed with great comedic actors that all worked well together. I laughed out loud more than a few times, and found this movie to be super entertaining…B+


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