Movies in Review: “Passengers”

passengers_2016_film_posterI love me a science fiction space movie, one of my favorites being Gravity, which is what I think I compare all space movies too these days…lol. Although Passengers trailer didn’t give me the feeling Gravity did, it still intrigued me. I am a huge fan of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is an actress whose work I respect as well. I loved the cinematography in the trailer, and there was enough of a teaser for the story line to have me wanting to see how this film played out. I did not have the best movie experiences this weekend, so I was really hoping this one would be able to deliver.


Womp Womp…Definitely didn’t live up to the trailer. This movie was so freaking long that it had scenes that could have been eliminated because it made the movie drag. At least 15-20 min could have been eliminated just to keep the pace of the movie going. There was far too much down time. The movie didn’t really get on a good pace until halfway through, but by that time I was a little too bored to really enjoy the last half of the film. The second half of the movie was pretty good though. However the ending failed miserably. In the last scene I was sitting there like “Really?”…smh. Honestly the second half of the movie was so good that if they had worked out a better ending I probably would have given this movie a higher mark, in spite of me being bored to death for the first hour…lol.


Passengers wasn’t as intriguing as the trailer. Unfortunately the best part of the movie doesn’t begin until the film is halfway over, and by the time the movie ends I pretty sure you will find yourself rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth…lol…C


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