Movies in Review: “Sing”

sing_2016_film_posterWe all know I love a good animated film, more so now because it is also the perfect activity me and my son can share. I’ve seen a number a spectacular animated films this year, however Sing was being advertised as one that would beat all the rest. From what I watched in the trailer, I didn’t really believe that, but thought it would be cute enough that I would be entertained, and my kid would have a great time.

Just as I thought, this movie really didn’t live up to all the marketing hype. The singing was absolutely phenomenal, but everything else about the movie was just ok. The story was blah, with mediocre animation. There wasn’t anything too exciting about any character to really make me care about the film. However the singing performances are powerful enough to definitely draw you in and keep you from walking out of the theater. I would give a standing ovation for that alone, but unfortunately everything else fell a little flat. The humor was just wasn’t there, and there was very little excitement to be found in the story ~shrugs. Kind of what I expected from this movie…

I would not rate this film anywhere near the top for animated films released this year. I think Moana is still in the theaters, and by far a better movie choice if you haven’t seen it. There isn’t too much except the singing that grabs your attention. I have to admit though, my son seemed to enjoy it, and was lit up with interest during every vocal performance, and was dancing as the credits rolled, however for me, the movie was a bit of a bore…C+


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