Movies in Review: “Patriot’s Day”

patriots_day_filmThis movie was finally wide released this weekend, although it had been showing in NYC since Dec 25. As you can see, I was still deciding whether I was going to see this movie. But it was either this or Live by Night with Ben Affleck, who I haven’t been able to take seriously since that horrible Batman v Superman film…smh. So needless to say Patriot’s Day won the toss, and I will leave it up to you guys to tell me about Live by Night ;).


This movie is about the Boston Marathon bombings that too place not too long ago in 2013. To some of us it’s like it happened yesterday as we were all following the details of the investigation on the news. I probably didn’t follow the story as much as everyone else, since I was more worried that there was a bomb somewhere else ready to go off…smh. I wasn’t worried that this movie would be good, but films like these can be hard to watch, especially when you lived to experience it. I’m not sure if any of the people who were involved in this incident have seen the film, but from my stand point, I thought that it was very well done. This movie still gives me chills. The intensity is on another level for this film. It’s like you are personally experiencing the tragedy. What made the film more real and intense was the real video camera footage that was added in the film. My body still has chills. The experience of this film with have your emotions in overdrive. I know I was a wreck. The direction was great, and the performances stellar. I cannot express how I, considering, enjoyed this movie.


There is no way you will walk away from this movie not feeling something. With a running time of a little over 2hrs, you won’t even be able to take your eyes off the screen. By the time the credits roll your body will be filled with emotions that will cause you to cry, and looking for a very strong drink…ijs. If you are into films like these, then I recommend you see this before it leaves theaters…A+


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