Movies in Review: “Silence”

silence_2016_filmI wish I could tell you what made me decide to see this film, especially since movies based around religion aren’t my favorite films. Not that I’m not a religious or spiritual person, but I’m not one who would speak about it at the dinner table…ijs. Although the premise of the story didn’t really grasp my attention, I am a huge Scorsese fan. He has directed some of my favorite films like Shutter Island, The Departed, Wolf of Wall Street, and more. So I may have been on the fence with this film, Scorsese had a track record with me that had me feeling I should give this film a chance. 


I’m really not sure how to review this film, however I came to the absolute conclusion that I do not like films centered on religion. Films like these bring out too many emotions, and anger is the heaviest one…smh. I can say that I do enjoy the way Scorsese directs a film. I loved how the film looked visually. I also enjoyed the performances, but it was the content that failed to appeal to me. What made matters worse was the almost 3hr running time of this film. This movie felt so drawn out for no reason. By the 2hr mark, I was ready to go. You will leave the theater feeling like you have just spent 8hrs there. I think the movie would be more appealing to audiences if they had kept the story short and sweet. By the time the credits rolled, everyone in the audience just looked exhausted and like the life was just sucked out of us…and that’s what it felt like.


Silence is getting praises and being looked at as some of Scorsese’s best work, but I’d beg to differ. My first question for critics is…”For Who?” What movie-goer seriously wants to sit through this movie? I enjoyed aspects of it, but found myself snoozing, bored, and ready to leave for most of the film. No person wants to give up 3hrs of their time for that…ijs…C+


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