Movies in Review: “Split”

split_2017_filmThe trailer for this film immediately captured my attention, and mainly because it starred James McAvoy, who is one of my favorite actors. However, the PG-13 rating had me a little worried, as did M. Shylamalan in the director’s chair. Shylamalan doesn’t have the best track record with films, sometimes missing the mark on films that should have been great, i.e. After Earth and The Last Airbender. I was willing to take my chances with this film, but feeling like I would likely leave the theater more disappointed than not ~shrugs.


Not a bad movie at all, and I have to give most of the credit to the performance of McAvoy, who put it down playing the multiple personalities of the character Kevin Wendell Crumb. He was what made this movie as entertaining and interesting as it was. McAvoy outshined everyone, including the 3 teenage girls his character held captive. They were so forgettable…smh. The subplots in the story was good, but I wish we could have gotten more background of Kevin. Although this film had a PG-13 rating, it pushed its limits and was still able to be thrilling. Although I think an R-rating would have given this film the little something extra it needed, I was still entertained…for the most part. I think I enjoyed everything about this film, except for the end. I guess I was supposed to take away something from the last few scenes, but it kind of felt like the movie gave up. The character Casey was so deer in the headlights in every scene, it was a little annoying…smh. Also I never watched the film Unbreakable, which it seems this film is the second installment for that film. So the last scene was over my head.


Split wasn’t bad. McAvoy’s performance was everything, but unfortunately almost everyone else around him didn’t match his work. However he held it down and is enough to get you into the theater to see it…B+


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