Movies in Review: “The Lego Batman Movie”

the_lego_batman_movie_promotionalposterIf any of you watched the original Lego movie, I’m sure you had to be excited when the trailer for The Batman version dropped…I know I was. Although I’m not the biggest fan of anything Batman related, I am all things Lego, so needless to say, the premiere date was definitely marked on my calendar.


As expected, The Lego Batman Movie was awesome, and not to mention, funny as hell. These Lego movies are the best, aren’t they!? I found it funny that most of the adults taking their kids to see the film happen to be more excited than the little ones…like myself…lol. Legos were our generation’s toys, so there is something very nostalgic about the film that most parents love. What I love is that they don’t lose the Lego esthetic for the film. The Legos remain Legos, and that only adds to the humor. For the kids, and adults there is a great story, although I do think the humor is a geared more to the older crowd, the younger ones won’t really get it. However there is enough adventure in the film to keep the little one’s entertained and humor to keep the parents laughing…win/win.


I enjoyed this film very much, and just as much as I enjoyed the first one. I walked out of the first film singing “Everything is awesome!”, and walking out of this one making the “Pew Pew!” shooting sound while pointing my fingers at someone…smh…hilarious. If you don’t have a kid to accompany you, no one will give you the side eye for enjoying it alone or with a couple of your other adult buddies…either way, it’s worth seeing…A


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