Movies in Review:John Wick: Chapter 2″

john_wick_chapter_twoOk…so I admit I wasn’t up on John Wick when I watched the trailer for this second film. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even remember the first one because I definitely didn’t watch it. I’m sure my choice to pass over the original had everything with the lead being cast by Keanu Reeves, whose acting I’d rather pass on. However everyone kept telling me I had missed out by not seeing the first film, and then this second installment was getting even more praise from critics…so maybe I did miss out? Although I wasn’t anticipating this second installment, I definitely had to check it out just to confirm what all the hype about. Luckily for me I was able to catch the first movie on TV the day before going to see Chapter 2.

Ok…so I can see why so many of my male counterparts have been going bananas over this series. After watching the first movie, it’s a man’s dream. There’s nothing but action sequences and body counts, kind of like a lot of kung fu films…I’m with that. I thought the first film was ok, and I liked it for the most part ~shrugs. So I went in to see Chapter 2 feeling like I would get much of what was in the first…and I did. However Chapter 2 was on another level…wow. The body counts, as expected, were crazy, and the action sequences were even more exciting. My favorite scene was the one filmed in the “Illusion” room…Omg…Amazing scene. Luckily for Keanu, and the film, John Wick doesn’t do a great deal of speaking, which works perfectly for Sir Monotone…lol. Keanu does his thing otherwise. He looks great in a tailored suit, kills every action scene, and physically isn’t bad on the eyes…ijs.

I like movies like these because they are a pure adrenaline rush, which is needed sometimes. I left the theater exhausted by what happened onscreen. There wasn’t a dull moment to mention, and entertaining throughout. This is a man’s dream film, but some of you women might want in on the action too…A-


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