Movies in Review: “Fist Fight”

fist_fightThis was the only film I was looking forward to this weekend. With a comedic powerhouse cast this film had I knew I was in for some laughs. I thought the trailer was cute, and I definitely chuckled, and figured the film would only add to the laughs I received from the trailer. Unfortunately this was not the case, and with a cast starring Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, and Jillian Bell, I could not believe at how disappointed I was with this comedy.


When I say I hardly laughed…that is an understatement. I laughed during 1 scene, chuckled during another, and there was far more humor in the outtakes at the end than there was during most of the film…smh…no bueno. The jokes were not landing for this film. Nobody was really funny, and I find that uber surprising because the comedians in this movie are really great. It’s not like the actors didn’t have chemistry, they did, but the writing was super corny and the comedy felt empty. The senior jokes were juvenile and weren’t original, and this was a running theme throughout the story that failed miserably. One of the only funny scenes was the talent show scene. I actually laughed out loud during it. The fight scene was also really good, but these scenes only lasted between 5-10min, meaning that the rest of the 50min I spent trying to keep from falling asleep…smh.


I was very surprised at how little I laughed during this film. There was no reason this movie shouldn’t have been funny, but unfortunately it wasn’t. If you are looking for a laugh, please pass go on this one. I was definitely catching more Zzzzzzz’s than laughs on this one…D


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