Movies in Review: “Logan”

Logan_2017_posterI love me some Wolverine. I know critics didn’t real rave about the 2 previous films, especially the last one, but I was a fan of both, although less of the 2nd installment…lol. When I watched the trailer for this 3rd installment I was a little surprised I wasn’t thrilled about the film as previous. The trailer looked like a stretch from the other Wolverine films, and I can’t say I really liked what I watched in the trailer, as I would sit there screw facing it a bit…lol. However my dislike of the trailer wasn’t going to keep me from seeing this film. Wolverine is my fave and I’d see any movie that featured this character. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my expectations were still high, especially since most critics have been raving about it…it better be good.


Here’s the one thing I can say for sure about this movie, it’s very different from the others. I honestly don’t remember the second film to know if it would help me to understand this one more ~shrugs. I know I did find myself a little lost at the turn of events and the state Wolverine was in. This movie felt darker than the other films and worn out. It was less like a superhero with comic bookie feel and instead felt more like an action film. I can’t say I liked the feel of my superhero film not feeling superheroish…ya know. The action/fight sequences were bloodier and felt like I was watching a Chinese fight flick, or video game. Not really what I was expecting. However I did enjoy the Laura, the young female clone of Wolverine. She was kick ass, except when she started talking. Her chattering little voice was piercing my eardrums…lol. 


Although my review reads as if I didn’t enjoy the film, such is not the case, I did enjoy it. However I’m not raving about it like most of my friends are. It was a very well written film, with a good story, however no one wants to see their superhero no longer super. That was definitely hard for me to watch. It was a good movie. I apologize if my excitement isn’t to the level you think it should be, but this film was too different from the others to get me on board with its direction ~shrugs…A-


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