Movies in Review: “Ghost in the Shell”

Ghost_in_the_Shell_(2017_film)Many of my friends have been looking forward to this film with excitement, and you think I was too. However the trailer for this film really didn’t do much for me. So much so that I was considering taking a pass on this one. This is strange for me because I love Johansson in action films, but to me she looked strange in this role from what I watched in the trailer. She didn’t really look like the right cast…in my opinion. To my surprise, I’m not the only one who felt this way, and after watching the film it made sense why I had this feeling.

From the start the movie just felt odd, or at least Johansson felt odd in it. The story was set in Japan, and I guess this was the reason for the weird haircut on Johansson’s character Major. I get that Major is a machine with a human brain, but she was still too stiff and empty for me to care about her. The action scenes were great and this film is a visual enterprise, but the Japanese setting and Johansson as the main character will have you a little uneasy, like something doesn’t fit. The story was just ok, but besides her action scenes, Johansson failed to give me what I wanted from this character. By the time the film is ending I see why Johansson in this role didn’t fit for me.

I didn’t really think this film looked good from the trailer, and my discomfort with Johnasson in this role was validated. This film is being marketed as a major blockbuster film, but it was just ok at best. I would save my money for a blockbuster that’s more worth your coins…C-


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