Movies in Review: “The Zookeeper’s Wife”

Zookeepers_WifeNot too much talk has been buzzing about this film. However I remember seeing the trailer once and wanting to see it once it was released. I have a thing for war dramas, and it’s even better if they are based on true stories. I guess I could read up on history, but a cinematic story of it is always more fun for me, and has a better chance of keeping and holding my attention…#Truth #DontJudge.


This film tells the story of Zoo Keepers in the 1940’s who rescued Jews in Warsaw, Poland that were being taken from their homes and imprisoned by the German Army. For a film taking place at this time it had sort of a more calming feeling that other films centered on the imprisonment of the Jewish people at this time. I think the focus was more on the couple that ran the Zoo than the unthinkable acts that were happening to the Jews. I didn’t mind this. There were glimpse of the treatment the Jewish people had to endure but was toned way down. I get where critics are coming from when some say you feel more for the animals than the people in this film, and they are right. The animals in the zoo get a great deal of screen time and I did feel more pain for their suffering than the people the zookeepers were helping. The movie could have used a boost of something that made the people’s suffering matter more. I did love Chastain’s performance, but also felt the story was a little too focused on her as well. 


I enjoyed the film, but it felt too sweet and pretty for a film of this time. There were jolts scary moments, but too far and few for stories like this. I would recommend seeing this film, because it is a decent story. I don’t think you need to catch this in the theaters though. Watching on an evening, or leisurely commute will suit you just as well…B-


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