Movies in Review: “Colossal”

Colossal_(film)Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I am not the biggest fan of Anne Hathaway. I can’t really pinpoint where my dislike for her comes from, but I often find myself irked by some of her screen performances, although sometimes she can pull out a performance that I love, but most of the time I find myself irked. So I was surprised at how interested I was to see this film when I watched the trailer. There was something so strange and interesting about it that just appealed to my senses, I guess. It also had Jason Sudeikis in it, who I love. I felt if Hathaway annoyed me, he could possibly offset that…lol. My expectations were middle of the grid ~shrugs.

Well surprise, surprise…I like it, and far more than I expected. Hathaway did irk my nerves a little, but only at the beginning. The movie started out very strange, but had a nice story line, great pace, and moved along nicely. I loved the film’s strangeness that made for a more interesting film. As the movie moved along, I started to enjoy Hathaway, especially her chemistry with Sudeikis. Sudeikis put on an excellent performance of his own, with great humor and emotion.

I have an off kilter personality, so I’m not surprised this movie appealed to me. This film will seem strange to most, but I advise you stick it out until the end, you will be very surprised at how much you enjoy it…B+


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