Movies in Review: “Smurfs: The Lost Village”

Smurfs_The_Lost_Village_posterI am so surprised that Smurf movies keep getting made, especially since none of the two previous films were all that great. I might have passed on this 3rd installment, but I was happy to see that the film was all animation this go round, changing my mind about seeing it. Not to mention, the Smurfs happened to be one of my favorite cartoons growing up, so seeing them, I think will always put a smile on my face. Of course you know I had to make it and date out with my little one, who was more than excited to see it. I had very low expectations going in, I was just hoping my son would like it.


Ok, so this movie is far better than the first two, but that still isn’t saying much. I enjoyed that it was animated, although I’ve seen better animation in other movies ~shrugs. The characters were good, but I definitely wanted more from them. Getting a taste of each Smurf’s personality is the best part about these characters, but it seemed limited and constrained in this film. This movie is centered on Smurfette, but the film took a little too long to get going and get to the lost village where a number of other new characters were introduced for a short period (too short for my taste). This movie needed more movement, and adventure in my opinion. Although I think it would appeal more to younger audiences, my son was scared, bored, and ready to go close to the end ~shrugs.


I didn’t hate this movie, and I definitely liked it more than the first 2 films, but it felt more like a made for TV Smurf special, than a wide release film. It wasn’t horrible, but there are improvements that could have been made. If there was nothing else in the theater, I would still take my kid to see this, it’s not that bad, and who doesn’t love the smurfs…B-


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