Movies in Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

GotG_Vol2_posterOmg! Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Yes I will have a second helping of that please! Do you know how much I loved the first movie!? When the trailer for the sequel hit theaters I couldn’t wait! There was nothing you could say to me that would keep me out of the theater, especially since the trailer only fueled my excitement. I think I had little expectations for the first one, and unfortunately this sequel had some big shoes to fill, and I didn’t doubt it could.


Ok sooooo this sequel was giving me all types of humor, straight from the gate. I remembered the first film being funny, but the comedy for the sequel seemed to be non-stop, and I liked it. This was a really solid sequel, although not better than the first, but by all accounts, still worth seeing. I think the first movie had a better story line, and felt more innovative and creative. Although the sequel is still a visual work of art, the visual creativity of the first movie outshined it a bit. However, the laughs definitely go to the sequel. The humor was on 100. My favorite exchanges were between Mantis and Drax. Drax was on another level in this movie, and it was all good. Adding to the lol moments of course goes to Baby Groot, whose adorable features keep you loving him and babyesque movements will keep you chuckling.


I very much enjoyed this movie. Although not as clever as the first, it still scores on visuals, and its entertainment value is still stepped up by the humor and some of the natural tone from the original. As with all Marvel films please stay in your seats until the credits stop rolling and the lights come on…A-


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