Movies in Review: “Alien: Covenant”

Alien_Covenant_Teaser_Poster (1)I seriously hate horror films, especially science fiction films. It’s not that they are bad movies, and to be quite honest, science fiction horror films are actually better than others. However it seems with my old age my stomach can’t take all the gore, and I often find myself jumping in my seat in horror or fighting back a queasy stomach from all the blood ~quiver. When it comes to any Alien film I feel the need to go and finish this franchise since rocking out with their movies since 1986. It’s honestly torture, but I have to watch. I’m really hoping they stop making these films soon and the franchise will end…lol. Only because I can’t take the emotional toll, not because the films are bad…


I loved when the franchise started to film prequels to the original Alien films, with Prometheus being the first prequel. I thought it was a nice touch to keep the franchise going, keep it fresh, and to also give audiences some background into how this horror started. As I was watching Covenant, I wished that the film wasn’t released so far after Prometheus. This film references Prometheus a great deal, and I can’t recall half of what happened in that movie. It would help if you caught up on Prometheus before going to see this one, in my opinion. 


You get everything that is expected from this franchise. Although you may feel like you’ve seen it before in other films, there is enough to freak you out and have you feeling the terror. What I kind of didn’t like was the lack of character development. I had a hard time figuring out who was who before they were tore into pieces…ijs. There was no real connection to anyone except Fassbender’s characters as the androids Walter and David. He was what made this film as good as it was. It seemed that all other characters were only put in the movie for the horror ~shrugs. 


I enjoyed the film, but there wasn’t really anything new added. It will still scare the crap out of you, but I still feel like I just wanted there to be a little more. Lucky for them, the ending was good, and terrifying enough to still have me looking forward to the next installment…B+


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