Movies in Review: “Baywatch”

Baywatch_posterWow! Baywatch got dragged through the mud by critics. It was almost enough to make me pass on this film…SIKE! Are you kidding me!? Me miss an opportunity to see Dwayne Johnson run around shirtless on a beach? I would never pass on that…ijs. When I watched the trailer I didn’t find this movie to anything extraordinary, but it looked cute and funny enough to get me into the theater. There are certain films you have to approach with low expectations in order to help with a more enjoyable experience. This was one of those movies…


I’m not sure what critics were expecting. I never watched the TV series Baywatch, but I’m sure it wasn’t a work of art, but people tuned in to see Pamela Anderson run on the beach in a one piece ~shrugs. Putting The Rock half naked on the beach was the same reason I went to see the film. Yes the movie was corny, the storyline very weak, and almost complete nonsense, but I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters in the film (except Zac Efron). Efron was definitely the weakest link for me, and he really needs to find another niche. The “hot guy” is starting to wear thin…ijs. Other than Efron though, I thought everyone else was appropriately cast and there were some decent funny moments. I really enjoy Dwayne Johnson in comedic roles, and he didn’t disappoint with this one.


Do you need to go see this…no, you can wait until it hits Netflix, or Redbox. However if you have nothing better to do, and nothing better to see, are willing to set your expectations low, I think there is still some entertainment value to take away from this one…lol…C+


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