Movies in Review: “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tells”

Pirates_of_the_Caribbean,_Dead_Men_Tell_No_TalesOh how I’ve been waiting for Johnny Depp’s career to bounce back. With each new film, I’m always hoping for great things. So when I saw the trailer for the 5th installment of Pirates and the Caribbean, I again got excited for him. Captain Jack Sparrow has been one of Depp’s more popular roles. Although I was a bit surprised to see another film from this franchise, and the trailer didn’t really appeal to me as the others, I still anxiously awaited its release. I love Jack Sparrow’s adventures and couldn’t wait to see what he was getting himself into this time.

I think we all know The Pirates of the Caribbean films to have an abundance of characters, however with this film there were also too many storylines that you could tell they tried to force together, however it didn’t work out that well. I wasn’t a fan of the new edition characters as I have been in previous films. To be quite honest, I was kind of bored with them. The adventures also weren’t as fun and exciting as previous films. The make-up was horrible, especially the makeup used on Will Turner Jr. There were so many other characters, I seriously felt there was very little of Jack Sparrow, who was still great as always. Out of all the films from this franchise, this was definitely my least favorite. It was kind of hard to remember any of the previous happenings in earlier films as this installment is released 6yrs after the last film…smh.

I left the theater a little more disappointed than I had expected. This movie offered nothing new or exciting from previous films. It was the dullest installment to date from this franchise. I am still a fan of the franchise, but unfortunately not of this film…C


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