Movies in Review: “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”

Captain_Underpants_The_First_Epic_Movie_poster (2)I wasn’t overly excited about this animated film, as I usually am with others. I thought the trailer was ok, however I always have the hardest time when Kevin Hart does voice overs. It’s hard to really see the animated character because Hart’s voice is so distinctive and overpowering that all hear and see is Hart. The only thing great about this film is that the character he was playing looking like an animated younger version of himself, so I figured my experience wouldn’t be ruined. You guys know an animated film means a date out with my son, who seemed less enthusiastic than I was about this movie…lol. I seriously had to convince him to come with me, while he asked if we could just go see another movie instead…smh. I should have taken this as a sign. If a movie meant for kids, doesn’t even appeal to kids…that’s a problem…


Critics seemed to have given this film high marks, but my son and I would beg to differ. I dosed off a few times, and my son watched the movie with a dead pan face, no emotion at all. It kind of felt like we were watching it wondering when was going to end, because we just wanted it to be over. I know this sounds like the movie must have been awful, it wasn’t, but probably a little dull. The animation was cute. I very much enjoyed the 2 young characters and their friendship. It was the principal, and that school that was a buzz kill. The adventures with Captain Underpants, the ones I was able to stay awake for, were also a little uneventful ~shrugs. Perhaps I was expecting too much, but I don’t think so.


This movie wasn’t horrible, and definitely way better than Boss Baby. But still not really a star of a film for me. It isn’t hard to tell this movie is more for its younger target audience, however it evoked no emotion from my kid. And this is a kid that gets into a movie. So in my opinion, it kind of missed the mark…C


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