Movies in Review: “The Mummy”

The_Mummy_(2017)Unlike most people these days, I don’t think there is a Tom Cruise film I wouldn’t see, especially an action film. I’m not usually a fan of reboots, and I can’t say I was ever a fan of the original Mummy film. However when I watched the trailer for the 2017 version, I was definitely interested in seeing this one. I had little doubt that I would enjoy it. Tom Cruise, in my opinion, kills it in action flicks, and I’d pay my money to see him any day.

I’m kind of cracking up because critics killed this film. Like talked about it so badly, you would honestly think it was one of the worst films released this year. I’m kind of starting to feel like Hollywood just has it out for Cruise, because the movie definitely wasn’t half as bad as they made it out to be. Cruise is playing a character that we have seen him play many times before in action flicks, and the age of 54, he still has it going on. I admit, it felt like I was watching him in a Mission Impossible film except his character had more humor, was fun, and witty, less serious and calculating as Mission Impossible, but you get my point. I enjoyed the characters in this film, especially Princess Ahmanet, and I enjoyed the chemistry between Cruises character and the archeologist Jenny. The story was cool, and had moments that had me jumping out of my seat. I will agree with critics that the story was a little all over the place. I had a hard time really understanding Russell Crowes significance, and also the ghost of Sergeant Chris Vali. Although I found Vali to be humorous, I just didn’t understand his purpose. Although the strength of the story faltered a bit, the action gives this film its entertainment value.

I must admit the ending left me totally confused, but I still felt I got my monies worth. I am hoping the next installment clears up the plot holes left by this film. However if it doesn’t, I still enjoyed this film more than the original, and I left the theater still interested in seeing the next installment…B


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