Movies in Review: “Cars 3”

Cars_3_posterAs much as I and my kid love Lightening McQueen, I can’t say I was too enthusiastic about seeing this film, although the kid was when he caught glance of the theatrical poster. When I watched the trailer, I like where they were going with the story, as it seemed very appropriate, although I took it upon myself to assume how it would end. It was my assumption that caused my lack of enthusiasm, but I still wanted to see how the story would play out. Although it seems like I had no interest in seeing this film, it was the one I was looking forward to the most this weekend.


I have liked Cars since its first film, but I must say, none of them had my interest more than this one. I was all in on this one, and not me, but the kid was too. My son was captivated by this film. He was singing, dancing, commenting, and by the end raised his arms and yelled “I love that yellow car!” This had me smiling and laughing so hard, and he was right. This is how exciting this film was, but not only exciting, there was a nice story, with some great inspiration to be taken away. I enjoyed this film so much, and my favorite part was the way they transitioned McQueen. I found the ending to be a pleasant and well thought out surprise. This film definitely warmed my heart. I loved the old characters, as well as the new, and what I liked most is that is focused more on McQueen.


Cars 3 was a welcomed surprised, especially since the last few animated films have not been living up to expectations. Me and the kid finished the movie with smiles on our faces as we danced out of the theater, and I think you and your youngins will do the same…A-


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