Movies in Review: “Baby Driver”

Baby_Driver_posterI seriously didn’t think I would find myself sitting in the theater watching this one ~shrugs. I wasn’t really a fan of the first trailer, and seeing Jamie Foxx cast in it definitely didn’t help. However, the 2nd trailer peaked my interest a little more than the first, and I felt that there would be enough going on to get past any bad acting Foxx was going to sprinkle in his scenes. Besides, I had no problems with the rest of the cast, and to my surprise, critics were raving about this movie so much, perhaps there was a chance not seeing it would be a big mistake.


My expectations were minimal for Baby Driver, but everyone is raving about this movie, and I’m sitting over here like “It wasn’t bad.”…lol. The best part about the movie was the driving scenes, which were off the chain, and deserve an applause. However the story took a while to get going and the musical themed style throughout the movie was a little corny in my opinion. I liked the character Baby, but the love story was womp womp, and to my surprise, Foxx wasn’t horrible. He was actually a great character addition to the film, along with Jon Hamm. It took a minute for the pace of the film to get going, but once it did, it was an entertaining ride.


I can’t say I enjoyed the film as much as most viewers (mostly male), but it was definitely better than I thought it would be. The driving scenes were fierce, but the style of the film was a little less desirable for me. This movie packs some excitement, but there are also enough scenes that may leave you asking why you came to see it…lol…B+


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