Movies in Review: “The Emoji Movie”

Emoji_Movie_film_posterI love a good animated film, but I don’t think one has had me this excited in a while. A movie about Emoji’s!? I seriously thought this was the cutest idea ever, and wondered what took them so long to release it. I thought my kid would be less interested, but the Poop emoji got him on board (my kid has a thing for poop…smh), and our movie date was planned. Initially I was thinking this movie had to be good. Emoji’s are fun, who could mess this up? So I was surprised when I noticed critics were trashing it, like calling it a complete bomb. In my opinion critics are overrated, and I feel some get paid to trash or promote films…ijs. The reviews didn’t deter me. I know it wasn’t as bad as they were making it out to be…right!?


I was right…it wasn’t that bad, but unfortunately it wasn’t great either. I honestly though the script was a little dull, and thought the animation for Emoji’s would be more exciting, but it wasn’t…Meh. The colors were beautiful and bright, which kept my kid’s interest, but there was really nothing special about the animation. The story was a little empty and dry, and very disappointing. Emoji’s have great characters that got little shine in this film. Honestly if it wasn’t for James Corden as Hi-5, I might have walked out of the movie. It’s a good thing he was in most of the scenes because he saved this movie for me. I thought the writing was just blah. There were endless creative opportunities for this film and nothing seemed to be used except cute animation and James Corden…~shrugs.


I can’t say I loved it, but it’s not half as bad as critics are calling it. It doesn’t live up to expectations, but it still has some entertainment value. If my son is able to keep his eyes locked on the screen instead of getting up and asking if we can leave, then it’s not a bad movie in my book. I wouldn’t run out to see this one, but if you’re looking for something to do with the kids, I’d recommend paying matinee price, otherwise, catch it in Redbox…C+


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