Movies in Review: “Kidnap”

Kidnap2017PosterNothing about the trailer for this film screamed box office hit. However I can’t lie and not say that I was more excited to see Halle Berry back on the big screen. Not that Berry is a top rated actress for me, but there are some films where she kills the performance, and this looked like one of them. As a mother Kidnap’s story definitely captured my attention. I had very little expectations for this film, but went in still hoping for the best.


Just as I thought, Halle killed this performance. She was on 100. Her emotions could be felt throughout the film, which I enjoyed. The movie had a good pace going and a short running time, and enough thrills to keep your eyes on the screen. The action scenes and Berry’s performance were decent enough to keep me entertained even when the story would get corny at times. There were some parts about the story that had me rolling my eye. There’s nothing that would make me believe the kidnapping scene would have went down like that. What mother would have been turned in the position Halle’s character was when they were in the park??? They could have done better with that scene. The car chasing was great and had my heart racing throughout. But I’m a mother, so my emotions were all in tune with Halle…lol.


Again, not a box office hit, but still not a bad film. There is enough excitement to keep your tuned into what’s happening until the end. The story line was a bit corny at times, so the film loses major points in that areas for me. Not a film I think you need to pay for, but it’s worth a matinee ore Redbox rental…C+


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