Movies in Review: “The Dark Tower”

Dark_Tower_teaser_posterI had high hopes for this film, mainly because of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey cast in the lead roles. I am a huge fan of both these actors. Although the trailer didn’t really give me an idea of what the film was supposed to be about, and critics panned it, I was still willing to take my chances. This was the film I was looking most forward to seeing anyway. Critics have gotten their reviews wrong before in my opinion, and I was hoping this would be the case with this film.


The film wasn’t bad, but still not great either. It took a minute for the movie to really get going. A little too much talking at the beginning, I guess trying to build the story up. I felt the film focused too much on the kid and could have used a little more focus on the story development of the Gunslinger, played by Elba. McConaughey was so evil as Walter. He really fit this role well. Walter had no soul…I kind of loved and hated him at the same time…lol. It took a bit too long for any action scenes, and there was really only maybe 1 major gun scene, but I felt the movie could have used another. However the gun scene in the film was definitely off the chain…Wow. I enjoyed that action scene and felt it was well directed and executed by Elba. It was the best scene in the movie, but unfortunately one of the only scenes like it, and it came at the end…womp womp.


In my opinion the gunslinger should have had more action scenes. This would have brought up the pace and made the movie more exciting, which it lacked. The performances were great, but the story definitely needed a little work. I didn’t hate this movie, but I was definitely expecting more…C+


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