Movies in Review: “Blade Runner 2049”

Blade_Runner_2049_logoIs it bad that I went to see this film without watching the first film? To be honest, I really tried to watch the first Blade Runner, but couldn’t get into it and found myself dozing more than watching. Please don’t kill me, because I know there are some big fans of the first film. Although the original didn’t do anything to keep my attention I still had interest in seeing this second film…why? Ummmmmm…Ryan Gosling of course…duh. I was hoping I could jump right into this film like I did the last Star Wars movie without having to see the previous films and still be able to follow what was happening…lol. I wasn’t pressed to see this movie, and with a running time of 3hrs, I seriously almost passed on it. However I thought I would be missing out on something, so I decided to go.

The best part about this film was definitely the cinematography. It was one of the best creative, visually appealing films I’ve seen this year. Kudos in that department. The story was ok and had a really nice pace, but nothing will have you get over the fact that it will feel like you spent have the day in the theater. I thought the time I spent in there didn’t bother me as much and the film was still good enough to see, but all I kept thinking about was what I could have been spending my time on more important…perhaps sleep…lol. Gosling was great, and I don’t feel I was lost because I didn’t see the first film…ok maybe a little. However that was because I missed a little of the introduction, which kind of got everyone caught up to speed as to where this story began.

All in all not a bad film, just not great enough in my opinion to spend 3hrs in the theater watching. However I do feel the visual effects are definitely worth seeing on the big screen. So if you have the time, it still may be worth you seeing…B+


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