Movies in Review: “THe Mountain Between Us”

TheMountainBetweenUsfilmposterIf it wasn’t for the 2 lead actors in this film, of which I am both fans of, I probably would have passed on this film. There were a number of actors who were considered and passed for these roles and I can’t say any of the others, besides maybe Michael Fassbender, would have gotten into the theater to see this film more than Elba and Winslet. Not to say that I even thought these 2 looked like they matched well together in the trailer, because I didn’t think they did, but the trailer was ok enough for me to give it a chance…

I must say that it was the performances of Winslet and Elba together that pulled me through this film. They seriously looked like an odd couple, but upon seeing this film, their chemistry was magnetic. I believe they worked well together even when things were falling apart around them. The story was hugely farfetched and I felt Winslet had too many near death experiences that Elba’s character should have no way been able to revive her from. Also can we talk about that miracle dog :/. There is no way survival from that crash should have been possible for him…right?! Lol…but either way he was still a joy to have in the movie, so I let them get away with that.

This was a cute survival love story with scenarios that were too unbelievable at times, but with engaging performances from Winslet and Elba, there is still some joy to be had. I found myself thinking there was no way they could survive, and hoping they did kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. Not a blockbuster hit, but something decent to watch while cuddled up with someone special on wintery evening…lol…C


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