Movies in Review: “The Foreigner”

The_Foreigner_(2017_film)Oh how I love me some Jackie Chan, and I have definitely missed seeing him on the big screen. He has definitely been working, however his last few films were voice features for more than a few animated films. I was starting to think that he was out of the martial arts action flicks, and understandably so. I mean come on…the man is 63 years old…lol. So imagine my surprise and excitement when the trailer for The Foreigner came across my screen. I couldn’t wait for this film to be released. Jackie usually is more of the comedic style, but this more dramatic role had me more excited. My expectations were off the charts, and I had little doubt I would be disappointed.


I seriously loved almost everything about this movie. It was so kickass. Even at the age of 63, Jackie Chan looks like he is still in his prime. I enjoyed this dramatic role more than any of his comedic ones. He was definitely on point, and had a phenomenal supporting cast. I enjoyed the story and its pace. I wanted more character development on Chan’s character, but you are given pieces of his characters background throughout the film to piece it somewhat together.


I thought the film’s story had great build up. Each piece leading to the conclusion, which I enjoyed. The very end of the movie I thought needed a little work. It kind of rolled to credits on a flat note, but the conclusion of all the events in the film were very satisfactory. The action sequences were great, and without a doubt, very entertaining to watch.


Another great Jackie Chan movie for the books. You will be in awe at the way this man still moves at his age. You will be drawn into the story which will keep your interests to the very end. Not a perfect film, but still very much worth seeing…B


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