Movies in Review: “Gringo”

GringoPosterThe thing that attracted me most about this film was the cast. It also didn’t hurt that I found myself laughing through the trailer. I am always open for a good comedy, and it was nice to see David Oyelowo give his comedic chops a go. I think my expectations expectations were about average for this film. I definitely felt I would walk out of the theater satisfied, as it has more than a few of my favorite actors cast in it. However sometimes a great cast isn’t enough to save a bad movie.

Now I’m not saying I hated this movie, or that it was completely bad, but the content was more than enough to personally rub me the wrong way. The best part about this film was definitely David Oyelowo who was more than amusing. He was a very animated character and provided most of the comedy for this film. I thought they over-sexed Charlize Theron’s character. To me she’s better than this role. I usually like Joel Edgerton, but just like Red Sparrow, he was just ok in this movie. He doesn’t really bring much to the film. Sharlto Copely had a small bit role playing Edgerton’s brother, and brought more to the movie than than most of the main characters. I didn’t see the significance for Amanda Seyfried’s storyline. It was like an additional subplot that was hardly needed. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Seyfried…ijs. Although I didn’t love this movie, there were parts (very small) I did enjoy. I enjoyed the story Edgerton’s character told Oyelowo’s character concerning the gorillas involving carrots and bananas. That story made me smile, especially how it played into the ending :).

All in all, I can’t say I would recommend paying for this one. You will enjoy it more if you caught it on Netflix, or in Redbox ~shrugs…C


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