Movies in Review: “Deadpool 2”

dp2Marvel is killing the game right now! I’m sure this was the film that most of you (myself included) were waiting to see this weekend. With the surprise hit of the first film and everyone riding the highs of Black Panther, and most recently, The Avengers: Infinity War, we are more than happy to keep this superhero high going right!? I know I was, although we all know Deadpool is like the anti-superhero we just love with his action-packed R rated films. They have been teasing the release of this movie since last year, and now it’s finally here. I’m always afraid for sequels, especially if the original film was amazing. I definitely felt this way about Deadpool 2. I was afraid it might not be able to meet the standards of the first film, but I was at least hoping it was in the ball park.

Deadpool 2 was definitely in the ballpark. It didn’t shut out the first film but was a great competitor. Some of the antics of the first film, lost that bit of element of surprise in the second film. The opening scene in Deadpool was EVERYTHING and did a great job of grabbing your attention out the gate.  I felt DP2 started out a bit slow and it took me a minute to really get into it. To be honest, the first 20min of DP2 I was feeling really disappointed, but don’t worry, it got a lot better. I loved the introduction of new characters like Cable, played exceptionally well by Josh Brolin. There was also a character called Yukio, who had a very small role, but I still found the small scenes between and Deadpool very entertaining. My favorite new addition was definitely Zazie Beetz as Domino. I don’t think they could have picked a better actress to play this character. She was badass without even trying. I loved every scene she was in. I wasn’t really a fan of the young actor they had playing Fire Fists. In my opinion, he was kind of awful ~shrugs.

DP2 had some great action scenes and it wasn’t short on the humor like from the first film. The scene with the X-Force team jumping out of the helicopter was priceless, and also the scene when Deadpool’s lower body is regenerating…Lmao #I Cant. There are some fun surprise guests’ appearances and plenty of Wolverine jokes, which are always great. If you loved the first film, then you have to keep the party going and catch this sequel…A-


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