Movies in Review: “Superfly”

SuperFlyI’m not the biggest fan of remakes as I think we are becoming too comfortable with a lack of originality. However, I’ve never watched the original 1972 film, although I have tried. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Unlike most adults my age, the original did not appeal to me. Not the case for this remake. I walked past the theatrical poster before I even saw the trailer. Some of you may have disliked Trevor Jackson’s slicked back, pretty boy hair, but the poster was giving me life. I’m sorry, but Jackson’s character was looking clean…ijs. Of course, after seeing the trailer I was still intrigued, although I felt guilty for feeling so, but I was still going to see it ~shrugs.

This remake was directed by the well-known music video director Director X. The movie definitely had a music video vibe to it. At times it felt like one of those extended music videos and you are waiting for the beat to drop and someone to start rapping…lol. I honestly had low expectations for this film, but surprisingly walked out of the theater enjoying it more than I thought. I loved the fashion, except for that Snow Patrol crew (they looked corny). Jackson’s character Priest was super clean, as were the people around him. I really enjoyed Jackson in this role, and Jason Mitchell as his right-hand man Eddie was a nice match. The two at times reminded me of the Tommy and Ghost friendship from Power. Some of the images made me cringe, but I enjoyed the action, characters and story. My favorite scene was in the art gallery. I found the pieces of art as the backdrop for the scene to be visually stunning. I admit, was a little corny and felt like this could have been a Netflix film, but whatever ~shrugs.

This movie was entertaining and also visually beautiful to see. It felt like an extended music video, but a decent one that would make you want to sit through to the end. I enjoyed the way the story built up and wasn’t too disappointed with the way it ended. I enjoyed the movie, but it was still something I think I could have watched on BET or Netflix…C+


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