Movies in Review: “Tag”

Tag_(2018_film)Who didn’t like a game of tag growing up? It was easily to go to game at the playground. So how can you not find a film based on a true story of a group of friends who has kept this monumental game of tag going well past grade school. When I watched the trailer, I laughed hard. The trailer was also nostalgic for me and looked very entertaining. I was all in for this movie and couldn’t wait its release. I entered the theater ready to laugh and be entertained…and for the most part I did, and I was…

The movie had an entertaining opening and had great momentum as the guys were gathered in the film for this last game of tag. My favorite part was with Ed Helms trying to tag Jake Johnson’s character Chilli. Chilli was my favorite throughout the film and was a major comic relief. However, the other characters weren’t as funny as I hoped they would be. Jon Hamm was great, Ed Helms was cool, but was I the only one who thought Hannibal Buress’s character Sable didn’t fit? Nothing he said got even a chuckle for me. I’m not sure if it was the writing for his character or his delivery, but I thought he was a decent comedic actor and I definitely expected to laugh more. Besides the scenes with the character Chilli, I didn’t really get the laughs I was expecting. I did enjoy the slow motion styled filming and I did enjoy the teddy bear scene with Renner’s character, but there was a little too much talking at times and not enough horseplay for my taste ~shrugs.

This movie wasn’t bad, but definitely not as great and hilarious as I had hopes for. There is a lot more talking than there needs to be, and I think they could have stepped up the pranks just a little bit for film theatrics. I did love how the game has kept their friendship going, and it was great to see actual footage of the guys whose story this film is based, playing the game. That part I really enjoyed. If you lower your expectations you will likely enjoy the movie more…B-


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