Movies in Review: “Antman and the Wasp”

Ant-Man_and_the_Wasp_posterAnother MCU film, especially after what Avengers Infinity War did to me, yes, I’m here for this. I’m still wrecked over Infinity War, but let’s just keep the party going…right!? Besides I more than loved Paul Rudd and the first Antman film, now we’ve upped the game and added The Wasp??? Yes, to all of this. I think Rudd did a great job holding down the first film, giving him a partner should be more fun right? My expectations were high to about average. You kind of have to give a little room for lower expectations when it comes to sequels. At least I think so ~shrugs. Given the events that transpired in Infinity War, I was also interested to see if it also had any play in this Antman story.

Let me first start off by saying I don’t think they could have picked a better actor to play Antman than Paul Rudd. As serious as the last couple of MCU films have been Paul Rudd shows up and brings humor back to the game. Antman was definitely less serious and had more humor. I don’t think it was better than the first film, but it had some great attributes and came at the right time. I was smiling throughout most of the film. I loved the addition of Michelle Pfeiffer’s storyline. I didn’t care too much for the villain in the film, Ghost. She was cool, but I was also like where did she come from ~shrugs. I loved Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp, and I thought she and Rudd made for a great pair. Michael Pena wasn’t as funny for me in this film. His character was a little too extra for me in this film. I enjoyed the overall film for the most part. Issues with the Antman’s suit made for some of the most entertaining moments…lol. The movie was decent all the way through, then it got to the scene after the credits and that’s when ish gets real ~jaw drop….

If you are following along with the MCU films, this movie definitely needs to be on your list to see. It is family fun entertainment. I could say more, but this movie matters for the next Avengers film coming out next year, so I suggest you see it…B+


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