Movies in Review: “Christopher Robin”

Christopher_Robin_posterWhat’s there not to like about Winnie the Pooh…right!? One of the most lovable characters ever to be introduced to children. Warm, affectionate, cute and cuddly, who doesn’t love him? As much as I personally love Pooh, I can’t really say I was initially interested in see this film ~shrugs. I thought my animated friends, who have changed into live-action characters, looked weird, Pooh especially. Is it me, or did anyone else think Pooh’s nose was way too small? Also, the characters colors were also muted. From the trailer, you could hardly tell that Tigger was orange. All I remember from seeing the trailer is feeling like it looked like a mess. However, I had the choice of this flick, a teen flick, or a female buddy comedy that didn’t look that great. With this selection, I took my chances with the bear, and I’m happy I did.

Christopher Robin was magical. I laughed and smile so long my cheeks were numb by the end of the film. This movie gave me that happy, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I loved it. The characters colors were still a little off for Tigger and Pooh in my opinion, but that’s about all that was off. They were the same lovable characters I enjoyed as a child. I’d like to give a round of applause to Brad Garrett who voice Eeyore and gave him life. Eeyore was everything…lol. I thought the story was cute, a little predictable, but cute none the less.

This is entertainment for the whole family. Parents and adults were all laughing with enjoyment. There was so much I enjoyed about this movie that I’d want to see it again just for a feel-good pick me up. I would definitely recommend you take the kids and make a date of it…B+


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