Movies in Review:”The Meg”

MegI seriously have not watched a shark film since the Jaws franchise in the 80’s, which I thought was amazing for the time. There have been several other shark films released, but none have caught my interest…but The Meg was a totally different story. That trailer caught my attention, especially when I saw the size of that fish. It also helped that Jason Statham is cast in the lead…ijs. Hunky eye candy goes really well with a scary shark. Am I right?…lol. Statham is great in roles like these, so although I didn’t expect much, I did expect to be entertained.

I think I got more from The Meg than I expected. Kind of a B rated movie, but a very entertaining one. This move had me totally enthralled. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the film. That shark is a monster Statham gave me the action I expected from here and he delivered it well. I enjoyed the whole cast in this film. Their on-screen chemistry was great, and the humor was on point. This is what really stepped this movie up. It could have been a catastrophe otherwise ~shrug.

This movie isn’t a must-see, but I don’t think you will find yourself mad at paying to see it. It is definitely filled with 2hrs of pure entertainment. I was very pleased at how much I enjoyed this film and I think you will too…B-


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