Movies in Review: “Kin”

Kin_posterI have to be honest, I had very little interest in this film when I watched the trailer. However, after having a week off of reviews and being pressed for time this weekend, I added it to my movie list because its movie times fit with my schedule ~shrugs. I could have just seen 1 movie, but I wasn’t totally turned off by the trailer, and if this weekend’s releases had something better to offer, I would have probably chosen to pass on this one. So needless to say, my expectations when going to see Kin were low to average. I wasn’t expecting much, but I also wasn’t expecting a total bomb.
This movie started out ok, however, with almost a 2hr running, the movie didn’t really go anywhere and ended with a twist from left field. You will find yourself going on a 2hr journey across state lines with the 2 main characters with focus on this gun that was found and running away from trouble. I thought the movie was building up to something more exciting, but by the time it ended, it felt like movie of a Netflix film than something I would have seen on the big screen.

This film definitely has small screen attributes and you will feel better seeing it from the comfort from your home for free, if you have any interest in seeing it at all ~shrugs. I was less than impressed with this film, although I did love James Franco’s character, but he wasn’t given enough screen-time to excuse this lack luster story…meh. Kin is a made for television sci-fi film that somehow tricked someone into thinking it was worth the big screen…C-

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