Movies in Review: “Mortal Engines”

Mortal_Engines_teaser_posterI seriously had no interest in seeing this film. There was nothing about the trailer that I found particularly appealing. From the trailer it just looked like a film filled with a bunch of special effects, with nothing else more to offer. However, I had the time, and it’s start time worked to give the option of a double feature, and I’m am always down to get more for my money. So, I went to see this film by default. It didn’t look like it would be a catastrophe. It just looked like something I could take or leave. I stepped into the theater with mediocre expectations and tried not to cry about the 2+hrs I set out for this film.

As expected, this movie was just ok, and didn’t have much to offer except the huge special effects, which I admit were creative and interesting, and I also enjoyed the costumes and production. However, the film was lacking when it came to strong characters. The lead in this film and her co-star were forgettable. It was honestly characters with smaller roles that did much more for the film, especially the character Anna Fang played by Jihae. She stepped onto the scene and all eyes were on her. She was stunning, and her costumes had me in awe. She stole every scene. Without the presence of her and her sidekicks, I think this movie would have just remained blah. I seriously found myself dosing a few times before she entered the movie.

Unfortunately, I think this film relied too heavily on its special effects and big production to bring this movie to this finish line, but unfortunately it fell short. There wasn’t much happening in the story. A weak, shaky and predictable plot will never win the race. I wish the lead roles were cast with stronger actors, that also might have helped. But if you are into over the top action then you will be comfortable seeing this film. Anyone else looking for more, I’d wait for this to hit Redbox…C+

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