Movies in Review: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Spider-Man_Into_the_Spider-Verse_posterFinally! A Spiderman film that isn’t just a reboot of the original film, something I actually want to see. I’ve been anticipating this film for months now. Although my interest in the film didn’t peak until the trailer revealed Spiderman being played by someone of a different ethnic background…YES! When that was revealed in the trailer my reaction was “Oh Wow!”. Way to go Sony/Marvel for making this Marvel hero inclusive concerning race and gender. It goes without saying that I’m usually down for any Marvel film, but this movie felt exceptionally special. I couldn’t wait for its release. My expectations for this film fell right in line with every other Marvel film…pretty high, and I was sure it would be met.

This movie right here…smh. I seriously thought I loved the new Wreck-it-Ralph movie and it was my #1 animated film for the year, but Spiderman swung in and took that place in one fell swoop. Can we talk about how beautifully animated this film is? Looks like a comic book turned to life. I loved the look of Miles, from his hair (especially his hair) to his features and clothes. Very well done, as with the looks of all the characters. I loved the look of Spiderwoman too, she was fly. The opening scene to this film warmed my heart and had me smiling and laughing from the start. The opening scene does a great job of character introduction and setting the tone of the film. As with all Marvel films, this one isn’t short on humor, a great story, and (in this case) incredible animation sequences. I loved all the characters and think they were all voiced perfectly. Kudos to this movie’s soundtrack, it really set fire to a movie that is already hot.

Unlike all the other Spiderman films, this one is straight out of the box and stands alone. It is an amazing film for all Marvel enthusiast. This is a great family film, and also something great to see alone. My theater definitely had more adults in it than kids when I went. This is not only the best animated film, but honestly it sits as one of the best films of the year for me…A+

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